Nature drives Development

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We work closely with buyers throughout the entire process insuring your dream home captures the beauty of the scenic landscape.


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There’s a peacefulness and contentment that only nature can inspire. Amid the majesty of mature trees and the cheerful burble of a meandering stream, stress melts away, replaced instead by awe. 

We look forward to working with some of Kansas City's finest custom builders.  In addition to individual build jobs a select group of custom builders will be constructing speculative homes for those buyers that may want to purchase a home that has already been started.



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Timberstone Ridge is just beginning to take shape on 119th Street west of Kansas 7. And for prospective buyers searching for a rare opportunity to combine the conveniences of suburban living with the beauty of nature, now is an ideal time to explore the possibilities that await at Timberstone Ridge. Because the community is in early stages of development, builders can work with buyers to accommodate a longer buying and building process, giving new residents ample time to create their Timberstone Ridge dream home. Yet because Timberstone Ridge only offers 36 heavily wooded, estate-sized homesites, they’re expected to sell quickly—and that means interested buyers should act soon to secure their place in this truly remarkable neighborhood. 

A home can be so much more than a place to simply eat, sleep and unwind. It should be a place of comfort, of relaxation, of enjoyment and of abundance. Give yourself and your family the home you deserve in Timberstone Ridge. Within the tranquil respite of Timberstone Ridge, you’ll understand the remarkable effect that a connection to the natural environment can have on your life. Instead of dreaming of a vacation at a wildlife refuge, give yourself the opportunity to live within your own natural paradise. What are you waiting for?

Within the picturesque splendor of Timberstone Ridge, homeowners will find themselves immersed in such an experience, surrounded by natural beauty that’s becoming increasingly rare throughout the fast-growing Kansas City metropolitan area.  Timberstone Ridge offers a different approach to residential development and building. Rather than nature as a hastily landscaped afterthought, it’s instead the driving force behind the community’s planning and construction. Just 36 homesites will be carefully carved out of the heavily wooded Olathe terrain, creating a secluded retreat that celebrates the full bounty of this unique property.

 Each homesite is intended to be much larger than average and heavily treed. To ensure that consistency throughout Timberstone Ridge, the developers will use buffer zones to preserve natural vegetation while giving homeowners incredible views of untouched areas of nature.
The central focus on nature doesn’t end with the community’s homesites. A thoughtfully selected team of builders will work with each Timberstone Ridge homeowner to create stately custom homes priced from $1 million that complement and enhance their surroundings.

Outside the tranquil boundaries of the community awaits an intriguing contrast. The peaceful enclave of Timberstone Ridge is nestled in the heart of the Kansas 7 growth corridor, giving homeowners convenient access to shops, services, dining, entertainment and recreation throughout Johnson County, the larger Kansas City metro area and even into Lawrence, Kan. Yet once inside Timberstone Ridge, homeowners are immediately enveloped in quiet, scenic surroundings that make the demands of daily life melt away.

The community’s prime location in the heart of Olathe is ideal for a variety of homeowners, including families who covet an opportunity to send their students to schools in the award-winning Olathe School District. Timberstone Ridge falls within the boundaries of the newly opened Olathe West High School, an innovative, state-of-the-art facility that’s designed for

optimal learning, socializing, recreation and growth.